27 April 2011

How to get the R10.03 approvals

ECE Regulation 10.03 EMC

Please contact your local technical service which is listed in Page 50 at following link

R10.03 has two parts, vehicle and component.

Components approval required following five requirements
6.5. Specification concerning broadband electromagnetic interference generated by ESAs.
6.6. Specifications concerning narrowband electromagnetic interference generated by
6.7. Specifications concerning immunity of ESAs to electromagnetic radiation
6.8. Specifications concerning the immunity to transient disturbances conducted along
supply lines.
6.9. Specifications concerning the emission of conducted disturbances

But exceptions are available as follows
6.10.1. If ESA does not include an electronic oscillator with an operating frequency greater than 9 kHz, it shall be deemed to comply with paragraph 6.6.

6.10.3 ESAs with no immunity related functions need not be tested for immunity to radiated disturbances and shall be deemed to comply with paragraph 6.7

6.10.5. ESAs that are not switched, contain no switches or do not include inductive loads
need not be tested for conducted emission and shall be deemed to comply with paragraph 6.9

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